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Why il Consigliere?

Because he is the first Romanian consultant who was schooled seven years in operational and 7 years in purchasing in leading multinational companies worldwide.

Experience in multinational companies has many advantages:

  • Know-how the negotiations
  • Procedures and best practices are second nature
  • Networking
  • Art of communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Study of competition
  • Product analysis
  • Legislation and good business practices or how not to be a “client” of NAPC, ANSVSA, Competition Office, etc.

What you lose if you do not have a Consigliere

  • You will not know what it is like to have an “employee” who is a multinational expert as much as you need him – collaboration agreement or determined period.
  • You will not be able to school your employees on the specifics of each job.
  • You will not have an exact opinion, based on figures coming from a professional.
100% money back guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you consider that the service was not useful and was not worth the money, you have to answer only two questions:

  • “Why are you unhappy?” – it will help me to improve my services
  • “How do you want your money back – cash or into an account?”


Our success = Made in Romania Multinationals.


We help small and medium businesses to grow and streamline flows and departments in order to achieve competitive products and services that are demanded by domestic and international markets.


Honesty – we apply the same evaluation-valorizing measures for all our partners.

Privacy – we share with our partners the experience of other best practices – without damaging interests.

Engagement – We give 100% in everything we do, as if it is our own business.

Innovation – We invent the future in order to control it.

Courage – We take controlled risks with partners.

Communication – We are open to a complete communication on all channels.

Consistency – We work constantly to deliver good results.

Analytical – Thanks to the experience, we can identify details that make the difference.

Assertiveness – We convey new values to our partners after we listened, analyzed and learned what their needs are.

Optimism – We believe in the welfare of our partners, bringing added value to life as a viable solution to the fulfillment of dreams.