Would you like to go on vacation at least 2 months a year?

or even more,

do you want your company to become a Made in Romania multinational?

Then you need procedures, workflows, trained people, products and services sought on the market

or maybe

You want to grow your sales with minimum effort?

Cât? Cum? Unde? Cine?

5 key questions for your profits to explode:

  • How many contacts do you have and what is the visibility of your business?
  • What percentage of conversion do you have? So you know how many customers you have.
  • On average, how many times do your customers buy from you?
  • What average value per transaction / purchase do your customers have? As the frequency and the average value affect your turnover.
  • How can you increase the profit margin? We all work for profit.

For an exercise such as “what if …”, click here, to the profit calculator in the Business Chassis.

Do you want to know what methods and strategies you can use to fulfill your three wishes: 3 X profit?

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