Il Consigliere - Business Adviser
Il Consigliere - FMCG consultant (link)
Il Consigliere - business analyst (link)

Business consultancy

Marketing research

  • Evaluating the market and identifying new opportunities.
  • Evaluating sales and the marketing plan with recommendations for amendments, if necessary.
  • Managing and monitoring the effectiveness of projects, based on the marketing plan.
  • Work with departments in preparing budgets, offering performance efficiency advice.
  • Managing the effective implementation of marketing plans and proper positioning of the products in the market.

Workflow strategies

  • Developing a methodology for the optimal functioning of departments and providing the necessary support.
  • Researching the flow of processes conducted in various departments and recommending strategy changes to improve the business.
  • Organizing and scheduling meetings and preparing process quality reports.
  • Preparing reports on project status and controlled management of changes that may occur in different processes.
  • Helping teams to analyze business performance requirements and their implementation.
  • Analysis of all issues, risk analysis to mitigate any negative effects.
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication with all departments and with third parties.
  • Carrying out tests on the project to ensure compliance with all requirements of quality and performance.