Il Consigliere - FMCG consultant
Il Consigliere - business analyst (link)
Il Consigliere - business adviser (link)

FMCG consultancy

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

  • Business consultancy in relation to major retail chains.
  • Analysis of market and competitive environment for each customer category and group of products or services.
  • Preparing a portfolio of products, weights, packaging and an offer tailored to the needs and types of potential customers: Hypermarket, Supermarket, Hard Discount, Cash & Carry.
  • Consultancy and support in relation to major retail chains in order to prepare offers, a new product portfolio and support in annual contract negotiations.
  • Analysis of existing product portfolio by category of customers: weights, wraps, packaging, recipes, quality, labeling.
  • Analysis of service portfolio by categories of customers: identification of “fears” in the purchase of services and unique selling proposals for market differentiation.