Il Consigliere - Business Analyst
Il Consigliere - business adviser (link)
Il Consigliere - FMCG consultant (link)

Business analysis

Theoretical base and creating methodologies

  • Designing and developing tools to determine the company’s needs.
  • Organizing interviews with department heads and top management.
  • Studying, reviewing and analyzing documents, facts and figures.
  • Reviewing existing tools and practices and proposing changes – if necessary – to improve performance.
  • Developing and conducting an analysis of workflows to find difficulties in achieving goals.
  • Creating and initiating a better strategy, proposing new solutions to improve performance and achieve higher goals.
  • Analysis and verification of proposals and real needs for future projects.


  • Developing logistics to build a database to serve company objectives.
  • Determining critical points and initiating measures to overcome them.
  • Reviewing statistics, assessments and case studies and their transformation into usable data to serve company objectives.
  • Motivation of departments in achieving the targets set.
  • Analyzing and documenting business processes, functionalities and business needs.
  • Preparing periodic reports on project plans, status, progress, risks, time and resources.