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I offer for free

Mistery shopper

An objective assessment from the client’s perspective and a global and detailed vision of marketing and promoting products and services.

Technical and image feedback

for a service or product.

Check list

for a product / service or what any potential client should know to make the buying decision favorable to you.

This offer is only available in my spare time.


Business Chassis – The magic formula to increase your business profit

The chassis of any business has 5 variables that can be modified and that influence three major indicators: Number of customers, Turnover, Net profit.

I suggest you play and replace the 5 variables in column ex in the example below, the purple boxes, with those of your company, so that you can see how many customers, what turnover and net profit you can get if you grow by 10% (ex + 10%) or 50% (ex + 50%) each of the 5 chassis components in your company.

With an increase of only 10% of the 5 variables we achieve a 46% growth in turnover and 61% in profit, while a 50% increase of each element achieves a +406% in sales +659% in profit.

How’s that? Sounds good?

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