UPC – Take it or leave it (EN)

S01 ep.04


In July I received in MY UPC account inbox – i.e. on all channels – the message from UPC saying some sort of Take It or Leave it in which they announce me of an UP SALES which they otherwise communicated, but which has the same outcome…

How do you pay your bills?

By direct debit?

Hope you check them from time to time…


For you – new premium channels

Dear Bogdan,

Thanks for being with us and we assure you that your wishes come first: we offer you the most channels for children and documentary channels as well as the most valuable HD channels available by cable.

We’re happy to announce that starting July we offer two new premium channels – Disney Junior and Look PLUS – for you and your family.

Starting August 1, your subscription will increase by 3 lei (VAT included).

We are glad to have you along, so we will continue to offer you the best digital services.

Thank you

UPC Team

In accordance with Article (51) paragraph (7) of the Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2011 on electronic communications, as amended and supplemented, if you do not agree with the subscription price modification, you have the right to cancel the contract without compensation within 30 days of receipt of this letter. In this regard you must come in person at any UPC store for the application. “